Virtual Machines And Servers in Kenya

Since VMs are virtual computer systems, they are perfect for performing the following tasks:

  • Tasks that are risky if performed by an actual computer such as accessing virus-infected files
  • Testing operating systems that couldn’t otherwise be possible under normal arrangements
  • Running software or even applications on OS they weren’t originally made tailored for
  • Creating computer OS backups
  • Creating server virtualization – here, you divide a physical server into multiple isolated partitions called virtual servers that can independently run their own OS

One thing makes virtual machines perfect for these tasks:

They run on a sandboxed environment away from the host’s computer system, as mentioned earlier. Consequently, cannot tamper with the host’s system files.

Advantages of Virtual machines

  • VM  allows you to run multiple operating systems on a single host (physical computer)
  • Virtual machines are easy to manage, maintain, and most importantly, are readily available
  • Virtual machines make salvaging efforts easier after a disaster such as natural disasters, hardware failure, cyber-attacks, etc. this is because you can use VMs to schedule periodic data backups.

Types of Virtual Machines

There are two types of VMs

  1. System virtual machine – the type that makes it possible to share the host’s physical resources between several guests
  2. Process virtual machines – execute applications without relying on the underlying platform by masking the information of the platform’s OS. This way, the program can be executed in the same fashion anywhere

To conclude

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Matter of fact, we have the following apps:

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