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We help people and
businesses get online.

From personal bloggers to startups, through to well-established businesses – we go above and beyond to simplify web hosting.

We are Beba Host

Since 2013, our goal has always been to inovate and  clarify the Kenya’s hosting market with simple, exhaustive, easy to comprehend hosting products and back them with the best customer support 24/7 we can provide.

To date, thousands of customers rely on us every single day to host their websites and services, spanning from bloggers to large corporations with bespoke requirements.

We appreciate the value of a happy customer and strive to bring our clients the best service, value and experience of personal and commercial hosting.

Why choose us as your hosting provider?

You'll be in great company; thousands of customers already rely on us every day to host their services.
Bebahost Highly Recommended

Highly Recommended

You’ll be in great hands; our customers often regard us as “the best web hosting”

BebaHost One-Stop-Shop

Fast Registration

No matter what your cause; we have an extensive range of products that will suit your needs, budget and requirements.


Accredited Registrar

We’re a accredited Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria & Uganda; we operate our own domain registrations.

BebaHost Established in 2009

Established in 2013

We’ve racked up 7 years of helping people get online through our easy-to-use products and knowledgeable customer support.

Trusted Provider

Easy to Use

Our goal is to simplify the market; our products are designed for ease-of-use but are fully comprehensive, and we don’t cut corners.

Rock-Solid Uptime

We use multiple load-balanced clusters and have multi-homed Kenya network connectivity to ensure low-latency and redundancy.

Flexible Contract

Flexible Contract

We don’t tie you in; you are free to cancel at any time with no hidden fees. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with our services.

Hand Planet


100% renewable energy powers our datacentres. We offset our office supply with solar power and export to the National Grid.

bebahost support

Fast Kenya Support

Our Kenya support team are on hand to administer rapid assistance with your domain name queries.

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BebaHost Supports

Outstanding Support

We believe in providing outstanding customer support; rather than long-term fixed contracts. From the moment you sign-up to one of our products, you will receive the best customer care we can provide – matured through our many years of experience.

We take time to understand your needs, and the problems you encounter – offering personal, friendly, but always professional advice to enable you to get the very best from our products.

Our staff don’t rely on boilerplate cut-and-paste support responses – every customer receives personal help with their problems or queries – and our engineers are only a phone call away.